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Hey guys! Alexandra is in GQ magazine for december. She’s gorgeous, love it! Enjoy !

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And here’s a new photoshoot of Alexandra for Interview magazine. She’s gorgeous on the photos, I love it!

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At least one of the reasons we binge-watched and obsessed over True Detective early this year was Alexandra Daddario’s performance as the seductive woman scorned. The now rather notorious scene in which she handcuffs Woody Harrelson and then strips down naked set the Internet ablaze with, shall we say, appreciation for her form. Since then, things have continued to shape up nicely for the 28-year-old Daddario, who grew up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and appeared in both installments of the Percy Jackson franchise, as well as in Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013). Later this year, she’ll star in the zombie comedy Burying the Ex with Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene, and she’s currently filming the disaster epic San Andreas with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Daddario, who now lives in Los Angeles, would neither confirm nor deny my fanciful renderings of a meet-cute in front of the green screen with her rumored boyfriend, Percy Jackson himself, Logan Lerman.

CHRIS WALLACE: In True Detective you play an adolescent male fantasy and some weird fever-dream nightmare—an Amazonian woman turned avenging angel. Did that unnerve you? Did it make you think, “Wow, is that how men see women? Is that how Hollywood portrays women?”

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO: No! It was the first time I was nude for anything, so I was definitely unnerved by that, but I think any implied misogyny is a result of defining the characters. You see Woody Harrelson’s character as a family guy and then, all of a sudden, you see him in this very sexual situation with this naked girl. It just completely changes the way you see him.